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We are pleased to show you a collection of gaming websites for clans, guilds, communites, hosting companies and many many more. We take pride in our work and hope you enjoy the examples as much as we do, if you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bad Ass Brits Gaming image
Clan Control

Bad Ass Brits Gaming


Bad Ass Brits was formed in 2004 by Neo, the community/clan started out as an America's Army clan, but have since moved onto multiple FPS (first person shooters) including BF2, BF2142 and most recently Call Of Duty 4.

Dedifrag Servers™ image
Unique Design

Dedifrag Servers™


Dedicated, Colocation, Game and Voice server company. Formed in the summer of 2005 after the former Dedicated Server company DediCore saw the need for more high quality gaming services in the UK.

CTT-Gaming image
Clan Control



CTT-Gaming competing successfully in Clan Base tournaments and matches for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. Default Style Razor Series Green.

Killersquad Clan image
COD4 Modern Warfare Template

Killersquad Clan

Started out as Battlefield 2 clan/community in 2006 and later moved onto Call of Duty 4, was founded by Wizzies. Made a name for themselves in COD4 community playing in TWL matches but sadly folded in 2008 and the website was closed.

7th Armoured Division image
Flash Website/Unique Design

7th Armoured Division

7th Armoured Division - Call of Duty 2 clan. October 2005 - Since this time the 7th Armoured Division has established a name for itself within the Call of Duty community with a fully pledged server, ventrillo communication and website. The clan later folded in 2006 and the website was shut down.